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Is it too late in the year to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019? We are almost at the end of January and, on checking, the last NNCMC newsletter was September 2018! Many apologies for this omission. I have resolved to get more organised and produce regular newsletters. Hopefully, this resolution will last longer than the diet and exercise one!

So a recap of the last three fabulous shows of 2018 is needed!

The October show was a wet and windy night with a change of Compere; Alan, our Chairman, took to the mic in Sandy's absence. Sandy was in Inverness getting plastered; "of Paris" with no alcohol involved!

During the October Show, Muriel and John Murch were congratulated on their 40th wedding anniversary and we sadly learned of the passing of one of our members, Ella Watt.

Flamze (Lenny Smith and Mike Petrie) opened the show with some great tunes. "Dreaming of you", Bandy, The Rodeo Clown", "Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness", "I Need More Of You", "Today I Started Loving You Again".

Thomas Maguire and Fhiona Ennis treated us to some of their best-known tunes, such as "Solid As A Rock" and "We're Still Together". Thomas joked that "Leona" should have been titled "Fhiona" and Fhiona sang "Hit Him Where It Hurts". "The Love Of A Child" was written about Thomas and Fhiona's daughter when she was born. "Seven Spanish Angels", "Turn Back The Years" and "Just Walk On By" which became a singing competition; ladies verses gents! Not sure what the final result was; our Chairman was enlisted as the judge, and half of the hall (all of the ladies) thought this unfair!

So the November Show was a very wet night but the hall was full; it was a NNCMC double award winner night with Stephen Smyth and Johnny Bremner. Alan took to the mic once again; Sandy was on the mend and was expected later in the evening. Alan welcomed some new faces to the club; with a special mention to the "Wickers", our neighbours from the other side of the county. Alan jokingly asked that they leave the furniture behind at the end of the night!

Johnny Bremner, no stranger to the club, was voted by NNCMC members as Scottish Band of the Year 2017 and received the award from our Chairman. Johnny is originally from Evanton and started his singing career in the early 70s, becoming professional in 1979. "It's Good To See You", "My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You", "All I Want Is An Old-fashioned Girl" and "Just A Picture In A Frame" which was dedicated to Kenny Maclean, a big fan of Moe Bandy; as is Johnny. "How Great Thou Art" concluded Johnny's cabaret performance.

Stephen Smyth was voted by NNCMC members as Band of the Year 2016; this was the first time Stephen was back in the club to receive the award. Alan was given a yellow card by Stephen for his pronouncement of "Smyth"! It must have been a football yellow card rather than a rugby one as Alan didn't appear to go to the sin bin for 10 minutes! Stephen said it was great to see a full house and that Caithness is the furthest journey the band makes from home, other than New York City! He went on to say that he is always made very welcome in Thurso, having played many times here and made many friends both in the NNCMC and our neighbours, the Triple 'C'. We are honoured!

"Best Part Of The Day Is The Night", "Say You Love Me" and "You Are My Best Friend" among many other tunes, kept the dance floor jumping! Stephen had a new CD with him, one of which was won by Gordon and Kay Campbell who correctly answered the question posed: who wrote "God's Plan"? The answer is: Derek Ryan. Stephen went on to tell us that "God's Plan" was put onto the new CD at his mother's request!

December's Christmas Show was another great night of dancing and fun. Opening the show was local artist Colin McFeat. 2018 has been Colin's first year as a solo artist. Great songs from Colin including "Chicken Fried".

Next up, the Barry Doyle Duo. Great songs from the boys, including "Fields of Athenry". Barry has been a regular visitor to the NNCMC over the 20 years since his first visit to Caithness. We were also entertained by Kathy Durkin and Ailish McBride. Kathy Durkin, from County Cavan was last at our club for the NNCMC 25th anniversary show. It was Ailish McBride's first time in Scotland. Ailish, from Donegal is a presenter on the Keep It Country TV channel. "Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad", "Say You Love Me" and "Daddy Frank" were some fantastic songs from the ladies. The dance floor was full from the start; the evening ended with a conga around the hall, which is always a sign of an excellent evening!

The NNCMC 2019 shows, taking us up to and including the all-day show, are as follows:

• 15 January (dance only) - Alabama State Line

• 22 February - John Rafferty and Northstar, along with David Allan

• 29 March - Manson Grant and the Dynamos, along with Nicky James

• 26 April - Ian Highland Band, along with The Joe Davitt Band

• 31 May - Gareth Pritchard and Band, along with Johnny Bremner

• 29 June (all day show) - Ray Murtagh and Northstar, Liam Kelly and Band, High and Dry, Border Radio, and Angie King Duo

Tickets for the all-day show are now available. Please contact Alan on 07990 039495 for further details. The remaining 2019 shows will be announced at the AGM in March. All are set to be musical extravaganzas not to be missed!

Until the next time…………


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